If you are like most of us when overwhelmed or anxious our fitness & financial goals take a back seat.  However, our To Do lists & responsibilities never seem to take a break. When we are emotionally charged a different part of our brain is activated thus making it very difficult to engage in problem-solving and goal-directed behavior.  If you are interested in learning more about every day strategies you can incorporate from a Licensed Mental Health Professional & Mom then click below […]


1. Choose nutritiously dense foods. I don’t know about you but when I am stressed I crave carbs and sugar.  Have your indulgence but then make a conscious effort to choose better options one meal and snack at a time.

2. Make sleep a priority. Emails, social media, & Netflix can wait for your attention. If you aren’t getting adequate sleep any efforts you make at curbing stress will be hindered.

3. Be mindful of your breathing, heart rate & tension in your body. Take control of what is happening to you physically.  Meditation, deep breaths, walking and fresh air can help with relaxation.

4. Talk to someone. I know this sounds simple but we often don’t do it until we are in “crisis mode” and too emotionally escalated.  A friend or family member may enjoy being able to provide some support. It makes them feel valuable too.  A win-win in my book.  You likely aren’t burdening them.

5. Exercise or do anything to get your heart rate up for an endorphin release. Take the stairs, go for a walk, turn on some music and just start moving your body. A chemical reaction is nice to experience and I am not talking about one from alcohol, sugar, ect.

6. Journal about what you experiencing. Writing causes you to activate a different part of your brain which can assist with stress management.

7. Get off the hamster wheel. We often go over and over things in our minds hoping to find the solution.  The solution usually comes when we aren’t searching for it.  When you notice yourself on the Ferris wheel EXIT as quickly as possible and implement steps 1-6.

Keep these strategies handy & easy to access.  Best of Luck to you FitFam!!

With Gratitude, Andrea Jean

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