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Looking for ways to reduce your budget?  Groceries and a meal plan are a great place to start. The cost of eating out adds up very quickly especially if you have more than 1 person in your family.  Although buying groceries is a healthier & more economical option the costs can add up too.  If you are interested in learning how we save money on groceries click to read more […]


  1. Create a monthly or weekly meal plan. I create a weekly meal plan because it’s more manageable for me. I grab 3-4 recipes from my recipe binder and write down the items that I would need and add them to the grocery list.  If you have a meal plan in place you will be less likely to grab fast or eat out.  Plus, you don’t want to waste the food you spent hard earned money on.  Think of wasting food like throwing dollar bills in the garbage.


  1. Buy meat in bulk when it’s on sale. Meat can be one of the biggest expenses of a grocery budget.  If you can get it at a better cost you will want to stock up.  We have a small deep freeze that we got second hand in our garage.


  1. Order your groceries on-line.  We use wal-mart to order our groceries.  You can control the expenses by adding and removing things from your on-line cart as needed.  There are no surprises when you go to check out.  Plus, you are less likely to buy impulse items than if you were in an actual store.


  1. Limit the amount of snack foods that you buy. I don’t know about your kids but my toddlers would live on snacks alone if we let them.  If we have less snacks available they are more likely to eat the actual meals prepared.  We try to buy healthier snack options such as fruit, yogurt, cheese and some crackers.


  1. Shop only 1x per week. Stay out of the stores. If you end up making multiple trips to the store you are more likely to over spend.  Expect that you will spot a “great deal” you cannot pass up. If forget or run out of an item make use of what you already have and get creative.

Happy Budgeting FitFam! With Gratitude, Andrea Jean



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