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Do you ever wonder how some people can seem so happy and be in a good mood most of the time? Would you like this level of fulfillment for your own life?  If so, click to read more where I share my top 6 tips as a Licensed Mental health Professional (LMFT) to live a happy life […]


Disclaimer: If you believe that you may have clinical depression please consult with your health care provider to explore additional treatment options.  The tips that I provide can be helpful in conjunction with proper medical treatment.

1. Take inventory of your basic needs. Are you getting adequate sleep on a consistent basis?  If not, start there.  If you aren’t getting appropriate amounts of sleep any additional efforts you make towards happiness will be ineffective.  Are you eating enough protein and nutrient dense foods? Food is fuel for the body.  In order for it to run effectively it has to have the right kind of gas.

2. Assess your self-talk or internal dialogue. We know that our thoughts impact our emotions and consequently our behaviors.  I would encourage you to journal for a couple of days the type of thoughts that flow through your stream of consciousness.  You will likely surprise yourself with the nature of the content.  Remember, just because you think something doesn’t make it true. We create our own realities.

3. Surround yourself with positive influences.  What and who are you surrounding yourself with consistently?  Do you find yourself being sucked into other people’s drama or the constant negatively from the news?  In order for you to live your best life you have to make yourself and your needs a priority.  We can start to become a reflection of the type of content that fills our lives.

4. Don’t get caught in the comparison trap. With social media it is so easy to compare ourselves to what someone else is doing or the type of life someone appears to live.  It is natural to want to be on par with those in a similar life stage; however, be self-aware of when the comparison starts to become detrimental to your own happiness and well-being.

5. Be creative.  Make it a priority to engage in hobbies and areas of interest to you.  We all need an outlet in which we can create, explore, and forget everything that is going on in life.  This could include hiking, writing, drawing, quilting, running, ect.  Children are masters at creativity and getting lost in their play.  We could take a chapter out of their book.

6. Evaluate your expectations around what it means to be happy.  There will be days and times that we do not feel happy.  This is a normal part of life.  We have hormonal changes and situational stressors that can impact our moods.  Ensure that your happiness is not contingent on other people’s appraisal of you.  Personal happiness takes effort on our part. However, if you are unhappy more days than not for a prolonged period of time I would encourage you to seek professional help in your area.

With Gratitude, Andrea Jean


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