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The cost of a wedding continues to increase each year.  At the same time our society becomes more and more in debt.  Some reports say the average cost today is around $25,000.  That is crazy especially because most young adults are still carrying around thousands of dollars of student loan debt and car loans.  You can have a great wedding even on a budget.  Ours cost us about $5,500.  After accounting for monetary gifts received by my parents and guests we only paid about $900.  We continued to pay off debt and have a baby all while paying for an affordable and memorable wedding.  We focused on what mattered most to us.  If you are interested in the steps we took click to read more […]


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I kept track of all the receipts for our wedding.  Below is the actual break down of what we spent.

 Wedding Expenses August 2015 – approx 120 people

Beer $350
Food/linens $2,175.53
JRO shoes $99.95
Save the dates $60.53
Guest frames $5.04
Ceremony prints $47.48
Candy $35.00
Legion deposit $50.00
Mason jar candles $15.00
Card box $10.00
Votives $10.00
Table runners $36.95
Candles $8.00
Favor bags $8.40
Bride shoes $16.99
Votives and ribbon $27.82
Envelopes $32.14
Dress #2 $79.50
Candles and jars $65.97
Stamps $39.20
Address labels $16.23
Stamps $18.00
Ties $54.44
Thank yous $7.00
Suites $180.95
Ceremony rooms $60.00
Rehearsal dinner $100
Photographer $900
Flowers $160
Cake $30
Bridesmaid/Helper gifts $180
DJ $300
Grooms Gifts/Lapels/Socks $240.30
Invite envelopes $40

TOTAL $5,460.42

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Some details are below for larger ticket items and how we saved.

 Attire: I got my wedding dress for $100 for Macy’s. It’s not actually a wedding dress but I needed something that would fit my growing pregnant belly and was comfortable.  The men’s suits are rented from Men’s Warehouse.  For the bridesmaid’s dresses I had each pick their own black dress that they would also wear in their everyday life. I didn’t want them to pay for something they would never wear again.

Venue: We had our reception at the American Legion.  We have some family that are members so we got a discount.  We had approx. 120 people

Food/Drink: We had the food catered in and they served the meal plated.  It was very tasty.  We had open bar for beer and sodas.

Flowers: My mom found a lady at the local farmer’s market who agreed to put together bouquets for myself and the bridesmaids and also for decoration at the wedding and reception.

Invites: My husband created these on his computer.  We just had them printed and we mailed them out.

Dessert/cake: My aunt bought a big thing of cupcakes from Sam’s Club that were decorated according to our theme.  My husband and I bought a small cake that we cut together and enjoyed.

Music: We hired a local DJ that was my mom’s friend.

Photographer: We hired a former classmate from high school.

Rehearsal Dinner: We had a backyard barbeque at my parents.  They have a pool where people could swim and we had games set up.

Parents contributed about $3,000
Monetary gifts received about $2,100

Total paid by us: $900

1) Figure out what matters most to you (i.e. flowers, photography, food, ect) and budget around that.

2) If you live in an expensive city have your venue outside the city in a more affordable location.

3) Ask for referrals from friends and family who may be able to provide a service at a much lower cost.

4) Get creative.  Think outside the box when it comes to decorations, invites, desserts, ect.

5) Focus on the true meaning of a wedding and why you are having one in the first place.  It’s not a contest on who can have the best and most expensive wedding.

Happy Planning and Budgeting FitFam!  With Gratitude, Andrea Jean


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