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Do you find it hard to stick to a savings plan or even start one? Does your money somehow disappear at the end of each month?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are going to want to click to read more.  I share my Top 5 Way to Save More Money Each Month […]


Make “Savings” a line item on your written budget.  We currently save between 30%-40% of our after tax and retirement take home pay each month. I also geek out on having an xcel spreadsheet where I can record savings and watch it grow.

2. THINK LONG TERM GAINS VS SHORT TERM PLEASURES. When struggling with impulse purchases and justifying sudden “sales” at stores it can be easy to opt for NOW rather than LATER.  Stop, evaluate and decide what will be more rewarding.  Create a list of the goals you want to obtain within the month, year, ect.

3. STOP YOURSELF FROM RATIONALIZING. There will always be sales and deals that come around.  Don’t be fooled by marketing tactics. Their job is to get you to buy the products or services.  You can reward yourself for hard work or accomplishments without having to spend a penny outside of your normal budget.

4. WALK AWAY OR SLEEP ON POTENTIAL PURCHASES. Often if we put some time between what we think we want to spend our money on the desire will change.  This also gives you some time to research the best price or see if any coupons or deals are available.  In the moment it can be very compelling to buy something not necessarily needed.  This is why car dealerships do not want you to walk off their lot. Target is  brilliant by putting Starbucks in many of their stores.

5. BE A PART OF AN ON-LINE COMMUNITY. Seeing and hearing about other people’s successes in saving and living debt-free motivates us.  If we can relate to people within the community we are likely to mirror their behaviors or tactics.  It helps keep us accountable.  There are debt free communities on every social media platform (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, ect).

Happy Saving FitFam!  With Gratitude, Andrea Jean

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