So, Andrea …how are finances & fitness even related?! I am so glad you asked 😊 Let me explain……
Blog Picture Fitness 2 2018.jpg

1. Require discipline
2. Must learn to say NO (to spending money or having the extra treats) and not care what others may think
3. Require consistency
4. Must value long term gains over short term pleasures
5. Support and accountability are necessary
6. You can’t care what “everyone else is doing”
7. Your WHY has to be greater than numbers (scale, wealth)
8. Hello endorphin rush when you see progress
9. There WILL be setbacks… plan how you are going to get back on track
10. The process is more valuable than the end goal ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yours Truly, AndreaJean xoxo


Blog Picture Fitness 1 2018.jpg

This is a side by side of me. The second pic is with no cardio and solely strength training. Body building changes your shape so incorporate some weights into your workouts 😊
Also I would aim for 1 gram of protein per 1 lb of body weight. I was between 120-125lb in the 2nd pic so I would aim for 120-125 grams of protein each day 👍

Blog post 2018 posture.jpg

I have horrible POSTURE especially since I am sitting most of the day in my job. If I don’t make some changes I am going to look like the woman on the right in the next 20-30 years.  I am making a conscious effort to improve this not only so I don’t shrink as quickly (I am 5’7”) but because having good posture tells your brain and the world you are confident in your abilities ❤️ I am pretty sure it doesn’t help lugging toddlers around on my hip too. Who can relate?

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